‘Journey of Altruism’ is a publication which highlights the struggles, trauma, difficulties and pain which is experienced by many displaced involuntary migrants. The title reflects the ultimate selflessness displayed by those who put their lives at risk for the sake of honouring their religion and protecting their family. As safety, security and basic survival needs are often taken for granted by those of us who live privileged lives of never being forced out of our homes - this publication provides a wake-up call about the reality of those around the world who have none of these luxuries. 

The underlying theme behind the countries in question and those who have been interviewed for this project is that Islamophobia was the core root behind the discrimination which was faced. This project was research-based as the content was derived from existing literacy, studies and reports along with interviews with people who have experienced these hardships themselves. This project explored the various aspects of a refugee's journey with the hope of achieving freedom. These are named the suffering, the escape, the journey, the uncertainty and most importantly the implications. Journey of Altruism combined core graphic design conventions of type, layout, imagery and information design to form a cohesive body of work.
Migration/ Self-Authored/ Publication/ Refugee/ Islamophobia

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