"What We Let The World Get Away With" comprises six sets of cards telling a global story. Each set features a combination of original Arabic calligraphy, infographics, facts, statistics, real-life stories, and wordplay on quotes from documents and political figures.
Graphic design conventions have been used to highlight the misinformation and rhetoric used by people of influence and the media - which has created and perpetuated a growing animosity towards Islam and Muslims. Mass audiences have been desensitised to atrocities that are happening to Muslim communities around the world due to the false narrative that Muslims and the religion of Islam are the oppressors, disregarding the fact that most Muslim communities are oppressed.
Design is used here as social activism, to influence a change in thought, and to highlight a pressing global issue. This project is intended as a mode of easily disseminating hard evidence about the mistreatment of Muslims around the world through strong graphics, confrontational statements, typography, and information design
Islamophobia/ Editorial/ Infographics/ Activism

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