Islamophobia exists everywhere. In every community, every country and every era of history.
Change cannot begin without awareness, and society being aware of your oppression is a privilege itself. Cultural and religious minorities are often mistreated, wrongfully judged and discriminated against. Once political and social authorities deem a community to be unworthy of respect and, sometimes, rights – it is difficult to prove otherwise. Muslims around the world are subjected to such hatred purely because of their religious affiliations and beliefs.  

The practice is produced across printed and digital mediums to address the issue, engendering solidarity and social empathy. The publication at the centre of this project is a combination of self-authored and compiled information to educate readers about the various levels at which Islamophobia is present in society. Multiple copies were printed and hand-stitched with embellishments of screen printing and custom debossing across a range of paper stocks. The series of A0 posters, intended for public spaces, showcase insensitive remarks, questions and comments taken verbatim from conversations with the designer, to highlight the issue in a direct manner to a non-selective audience. The animated type projection highlights stories of a few witnesses and victim families of the Christchurch Mosque Shooting to highlight that although the tragedy was a one-time event - when Islamophobia goes unnoticed it can reach extreme levels and scar innocent people forever. Finally, the website is an ongoing public-facing platform that contains the content from other deliverables along with links to initiatives, petitions and sources of information. 
Islamophobia/ Design Activism/ Social Awareness
2023 Gold Best Award - Student Graphic

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