To record the current landscape of women in design and give visibility to the increasing diversity of Aotearoa design, Designers Speak (Up) made an open call in early 2019 to all designers, artists and educators from the Directory of Women Designers to submit a poster to address any ongoing issue social, cultural, or political issue of the designer's choice. 
This poster call was made in April 2019 - very shortly after the Christchurch mosque shootings. As a young Muslim, I used this opportunity to provide the visibility I rarely saw attributed to Hijabi Women while growing up. The poster was a manner in which I was able to call attention to what had happened, but in a way that brought out the soft and inspiring side of a dark and tragic event. 
Along with the submission of the poster and accompanying 100-word abstract, I was also interviewed and asked about the representation of Women who belong to minorities in all of New Zealand society and especially in the design industry.

Submissions for the 2019 Poster Call were displayed publicly in various contexts
Britomart, Auckland City / Hamilton RAMP Gallery / Social Media Platforms / Designers Speak Up Website
Women/ Representation/ Expression/ Purpose/ Hope


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